About Us

Hello everybody!
We are so glad you have made it to our shop and are taking a few minutes to look around.

Mirus Candles is made up of a team of two, mother and daughter, united by their love of handcrafted items and stories that transport us to magical worlds and introduce us to characters that stay with us long after we finish reading / watching their journeys.
All of our candles are hand poured and made from all natural vegan soy! Amalie is the wonderful chandler who makes all of our candles and wax melts, as well as prepare your orders and ship them, while her daughter Sara takes care of all administrative work, graphic design and social media.
The name of the shop, Mirus Candles, comes from the Latin word "mirus", which means happy and wonderful. It may have also been named after our cat Mirus, too 😉.

Our candles are made using 100% natural, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, vegan materials. Our soy wax is made from pure soybean oil and contains no toxins, pesticides, carcinogens or pollutants, which results in a clean, longer burning candle. Our wicks are made of cotton and are lead and zinc free to provide an even, soot and smoke free burn. Finally, we use phthalate free fragrance oils and always add the highest concentration of fragrance possible to ensure the best scent throw. Soy wax is biodegradable, which makes it easy and safe to clean and reuse your containers or clean up any accidental spills!